How To Apply Blush On Face | Best And Latest Blush On Makeup Tips

Do you know that how to apply blush correctly? Makeup is made for women to make them look alluring and captivating too. Makeup gives the dead faces of women a new and healthy life. It is all about applying blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, and face powder. How to apply blush correctly is the need for women. In makeup, what is really tricky is to apply blush in the right way. Most of the women make mistake at this point and thus destroy the charm of their look.

How To Apply Blush

How to Apply Blush

Blush On Makeup Tips

So, to help women; here we are going to disclose the best blush on makeup tips. These best makeup tips suggested by makeup experts will really help you a lot in right application of blush on makeup and you will no more ask this question that how to apply blush correctly.

Blush On Makeup Tips

Blush On Makeup Tips

Blush On Makeup Tips

Choose A Blush Color

Whether you apply eyeshadow, lipstick, foundation, or blush, first of all, you are required to choose these makeup items in right color according to the color of your skin. So, for the perfect blush on makeup application, the first tip is to choose the blush in right color. Blush is available in a number of colors in the market. You should carefully choose a blush color for you that should be perfectly matched with the natural skin tone.

Choose A Blush Color

Blush Color Choice

Blush on Makeup

In addition to selecting the right color of blush, you also need to choose the right type of blush for flawless application of blush. Blushes have a number of types. Some common types of blushes that are available in the market include

  1. Cream Blush
  2. Gel Blush
  3. Powder Blush
  4. Liquid Blush
  5. Mousse
Blush on Makeup

Blush on Products

So, here you need to be very careful. Choose the type of blush that better sets on your face. If you want to have done your makeup quickly at home by yourself, liquid or cream blush is mostly recommended by the experts.

Choose Blush Brush

After choosing the right type and perfect color of blush, next, you are required to choose the right kind of brush. Brushes in different shapes are accessible in the market. The best is to choose a brush in accordance with the shape of your face. Usually, blush brushes with thick tips are best to use if you have a broader face.

Choose Blush Brush

Best Blush Brush Choice

Blush On Face Shape

After you have the selected the right blush and also the blush brushes; next you should move towards applying the blush on your face. This is the step where most of the women make big mistakes. For different face shapes, blush in applied in different patterns. So, before you start applying blush on our face blindly, you should determine the right shape of your face. Our face has different shapes. These shapes include:

  1. Oblong
  2. Heart
  3. Oval
  4. Square
  5. Round
  6. Diamond
Blush On Face Shape

Different type of blush pattern for Different Face Shapes

For each face shape mentioned above, blush in applied in a different way. See the picture given below and you will better get the idea that how to apply blush according to your face shape.

Blush On Face Shape

Blush for Different Face Shapes

Applying Blush Tips

While applying blush, you should keep the following tips in your mind.

  1. If you want to have a natural makeup look, the best tip is to apply blush prior to the application of foundation. However; experts usually go for applying blush at the end.
  2. Make sure that you always use clean brushes free of dust etc. You should clean your makeup brushes regularly.
  3. Do add a shimmery color blush in combo with a blush color matching your natural skin color. It will really make you look sexier.
  4. If you have to apply your makeup yourself at home, go for applying cream or liquid blush. It is not that easy to apply powder blush.
  5. Do not forget to apply translucent powder for a finished look.

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