Latest Men’s Footwear Trends 2018 | Best Top 5 Footwear Trends For Men

Our first impression leaves our last impressions. Our first impression is used by the people to guess about our personality. Shoes are not only to wear and walk in. Our shoes also make our impression. Keep in mind that your shoes are the deciding factor of your inner. Trends of shoes also change with the time. Different styles of shoes come in vogue each year. Here, I am going to tell you about the latest men’s footwear trends.

Our shoes tell about our personality, your shoes tell what you think so you must wear a shoe according to the type of the occasion. People are not so conscious about the shoes. Some people continue wearing wild and outrageous shoes for years.

Latest Men’s Footwear Trends 2018

Sporty Trainers 2018

Choosing the best footwear for you is not so easy. We want to wear the footwear that makes us feel comfortable and relaxed. Trainers are considered as the highly durable and comfortable footwear for men.  Men’s trainers are very versatile as these can be worn for casual events as well as on formal events.

These shoes are also the best choice for hiking. Sporty trainers are not just limited to blue and white in colors. You may get a sporty trainer in red, green, gray, brown and orange also. These are accessible in a large variety of colors now.

Men's Trainers men's footwear 2018

Sporty Trainers 2018

White is gray sporty trainers are on trend in 2018. You may wear more subtle sneakers with jeans. However, trainers look the best with black and blue jeans. The latest trend 2018 is the trend of very fashionable Cross Trainers. Funky and colorful sneakers are also available for fun events.

These funky trainers are also very versatile. Trainers, if worn for hiking, make your feet warm. Some shoes can cause overheating of our feet so we should see the level of comfort of our shoes always. Choosing the right footwear for you is essential. You must select footwear according to the type of function and situation.

Espadrilles Shoes 2018

The espadrille is very popular footwear among the men and it is the best summer footwear. The espadrilles have usually a canvas upper and a rubber sole. Espadrilles are more appropriate to wear than the flip-flops on any informal occasion.

You may go to attend any casual event with full confidence while wearing espadrilles. These espadrilles give the casual and daily expression. These are best to wear in high season as these are light in weight. Espadrilles are known for canvas construction.  These shoes are also breathable.

Espadrilles Shoes men's footwear 2018

Espadrilles Shoes

Espadrilles in amazing prints are accessible now. Animal Printed espadrilles are the most popular among the men. Espadrilles in zebra print are the most recent 2018. Other trendy styles for espadrilles include the luxury espadrille. Luxury versions of espadrilles are made of leather. Espadrille hybrids come in a variety of styles with traditional raffia sole. You must pick a style that suits you the best.

Espadrilles Shoes 2018

Espadrilles Shoes

Cool Fancy Shoes 2018

Only ladies do not wear the fancy shoes. Men also like fancy shoes as fancy shoes are the best choice for formal occasions for men. Boys must know about the latest trends of fancy shoes to look stylish on formal occasions. There is a great difference between casual and fancy shoes for men.

Selection of right shoes keeps more important for men than the women. Fancy shoes for men are coming up each year with more embellishments. In 2018, the trend of square toe in fancy shoes is a very common trend. Fancy shoes with round toe are not common now. Latest fancy shoes have a wider and broader shape with little heels as shown in Men’s London Fashion Week 2018.

Wedge shape fancy shoes are also in vogue in 2018. Fancy shoes with heels are also being designed now for the men. Shoes with separate heels are also available. The leather version of fancy shoes is on trend in 2018. Ankle-length fancy shoes are also very trendy in 2018. These ankle-length fancy shoes have a short heel and these are very comfortable and stylish.

Cool Fancy Shoes 2018

Cool Fancy Shoes

Sandals For Men 2018

Sandals are also the best summer footwear for men. Wearing a sandal a man looks reasonable. Design and colors of sandals for men have not a limited variety. Now sandals are also available in a variety of styles and designs. Different styles are used to modernize these sandals styles each year.

Leather sandals with perforation are also available. Ankle strap sandals are on trend in 2018 as before. Sandals with wooden soles are also in vogue. Choice of sandals needs much time. Selecting the best sandal for you is also not an easy task.

Sandals For Men 2018

Sandals For Men

Latest trend 2018 is to style the sandals with beautiful straps. Eccentric chains are also added to make sandals more stylish. Ankle-high sandals are also common. Eccentric gold chains are also in use with stylish straps in sandals. Sandals are the best choice to wear in offices.

Leather ankle-strap sandal design is the most popular sandal design in 2018. Leather sandals are the best choice to wear always. Low-cut gladiator sandals and high-cut versions of sandals are the newest versions. Low-cut gladiator sandals are very popular among the men. These ankle-strap sandals have metallic tones. Gold, bronze and neon blue metallic tones are used mostly.

Sandals For Men 2018

Flip Flops 2018

Flip-flops are the best to wear in the extreme heat. These look good with shorts and sweatpants, but you can also wear flip-flops with jeans. These are different from everyday footwear. Other styles of footwear are also available as suede loafers, deck shoes, and sandals. Flip flops are more comfortable and flexible than other men’s shoes. Flip-flops are also low cost and always remain a popular choice.

In the morning, we can see the men wearing flip flops and walking. Men usually use a pair of the plastic flip-flop. Flip-flops can also be worn while going to a beach.  It is so funny to wear a pair of flip-flops to the office. Flip-flops are the best footwear to wear to beach locations. Flip-flops are light in weight and are breathable and are easy to pack.

Flip Flops 2018

Flip Flops

The leather version of flip-flops is a new version. These flip-flops made of leather look more sophisticated. Rubber and plastic flip-flops are also in fashion in 2018. Thin-strapped flip-flops are the most common daily footwear. Thin-strapped flip-flops have wooden soles and these look best with trousers.

These flip-flops are available in traditional thong styles. For people sticking to low cost, plastic flip-flops are the best choice to wear. Red and burgundy flip-flops are the most popular among the men.

Flip Flops 2018

Flip Flops For Men

Finally, if you want to impress someone, wear the best shoes. Wear such shoes that illustrate your personality in a better way. Wear such shoes that show your character in the best way. Men usually do not take care of their shoes. Wear the best shoes according to your personality. Your shoes develop your impression so always see your shoes before going to meet someone.

Men should also pay attention towards selecting the best shoes for them. It is also necessary for the men to follow the fashion trends as well. Here, I have told you about the latest men’s footwear trends. I have also discussed some tips for selecting the shoes on different occasions. Keep these tips and trends in mind before buying a shoe for you.


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