Top 10 Stylish Wallets For Women 2018 | Top Trendy Wallets For Women 2018

A wallet is also the most needed fashion item for a woman. So, to know about trendy wallets 2018 is also as important as to carry a wallet with you while going outside. So, let’s have a look at the trendy wallets 2018 designs shown below.

Wallets have occupied a big place in the wardrobe of a woman as tiny and stylish wallets have greatly taken the place of heavy and large-sized handbags. Wallets are also easy to carry as compared to handbags. In 2018, we have new and stylish wallets designs for you.

Top 10 Trendy Wallets 2018

Embroidered Wallet 2018

Embroidered fashion items have always been the most desirable fashion items of the women. Embroidered fashion details are more popular in Asian countries especially. So, Asian women mostly go for embroidered dresses and embroidered handbags as such embroidered fashion items make them look traditional and stylish too.

Embroidered Women Wallet 2018

Embroidered Wallet 2018

Chain Wallet 2018

Fashion details with chain detailing are getting into a big fashion this year. Dresses, shoes, jewelry pieces, handbags, wallets, etc everything is being detailed with metallic chains for a stylish look. Accessories with metallic chains attached make one look really smart. So, do have a chain wallet if you want to look really smarter.

Chain Trendy Wallet 2018

Chain Wallet 2018

Fabric Wallet 2018

Fabric Trendy Wallet 2018

Fabric Wallet


Handbags and wallets made of fabric are also in trend. These wallets made of different fabrics, i.e. velvet, cotton, fur, khaddar, etc are highly durable. A fabric wallet is also the perfect everyday wallet as it can be washed easily. Moreover, you can also decorate a fabric wallet in the way you like with embellishments.

Painted Wallets 2018

Another trend in wallets fashion 2018 is going to be the trend of painted wallets. Fabric and leather wallets with beautiful designs of paints, i.e. tattoo paints, painted animal images, etc are awesome wallets to carry everywhere every time.

Painted Trendy Wallets 2018

Painted Wallets

Sparkly Wallets 2018

Sparkly Trendy Wallets 2018

Sparkly Wallets


Glittering and sparkling fashion details are the hottest women’s details. For a party, a glittering dress, glittering shoes, and also the glittering wallet is needed the most by every woman and the young girl for a wow look. So, if you wish you have a wow look, do have a sparkly wallet and make you look shining also.

Printed Wallets 2018

Wallets with beautiful prints are also going to be in vogue wallets 2018. Printed wallets are really the most adorable wallets for the women. Wallets with floral prints, animal print wallets, stripes print wallets are the most in vogue wallets for women 2018.

Printed Trendy Wallets 2018

Printed Wallets

Wallet With Buckle 2018

Other trendy wallets 2018 are the wallets adorned with metallic buckles. Especially, the women’s wallets with buckles in golden and silver tone in a large round and square shape have always enjoyed hot selling.

Trendy Wallet With Buckle

Wallet With Buckle

Fur Wallet 2018

Fur coats, fur jackets, fur socks, fur shoes, and now the wallets designed with fur are getting trendy. Fur wallets have a soft look. In winter, a fur wallet will really make you look cool. A white fur wallet with blue jeans and a colorful top will give you an outstanding look in winter season especially.

Fur Wallet 2018

Fur Wallet

Lace Wallet 2018

Fashion accessories adorned with beautiful and stylish lace patterns are also the women’s most demanded fashion details. Lace dresses, lace shoes, lace jewelry, lace abaya, and now lace wallets have come in a big fashion. So, if you going to attend a party and are wearing a lace dress, do pick a lace wallet and make you look perfect.

Lace Wallet 2018

Lace Wallet

Wallet With Shoulder Strap 2018

For the women who love to wear shoulder handbags, wallets with a large shoulder strap are now available. Mini leather wallets with a large leather strap and also the leather wallet with a large chain strap is in fashion women’s wallets 2017.

Wallet With Shoulder Strap 2018

Wallet With Shoulder Strap

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