Top 5 Stylish Shoes For Men 2018 | Latest Stylish Shoes For Men 2018

These most popular shoe brands for men always come up with new trends of shoes for men. Get guided well by the in style shoes by having a look at the fashion shoe trends below brought by the popular brands in the market each year.

Top 5 Stylish Shoes For Men 2018

Top 5 Stylish shoes for men 2018  include:

Lace Up Shoes 2018 For Men

Laces up shoes for men are the most versatile shoes. Graceful lace-up shoes are not only common and in style among the women rather laces up shoes are also in fashion among the men. The lace-up shoes for men have two different styles. These styles include

  1.  Oxford Style Lace-up Shoes
  2. Derby Style Lace-up Shoes

These both styles of lace-up shoes are in fashion in 2018 among the men, but derby style lace up shoes are the trendiest one. Derby style shoes are commonly worn as casual footwear and are quite comfortable to wear. The leather is the most commonly used material in the designing of these shoes. You may wear a derby style lace-up shoe for any occasion. Derby style laces up shoe in all white and navy blue colors are going to be at the top in 2018. Do have a black lace-up shoe in your wardrobe every time.

Lace Up Shoes For Men 2018

Lace Up Shoes

Wedge Shoes For Men 2018

Wedge shoes are said to be the sexy shoes for men. These did not come in style in 2016, but Wedge shoes with rubber sole seem to be going in vogue equally among the men and the women in 2018. Men’s laces up wedge heel shoes are the popular one in 2018. High shoes do not seem to be going in vogue in 2018 as wedges have made their place in fashion mart. These are the best platform shoes for men.  The latest trends 2018 include the wedge sneakers, high top wedge shoes, leather wedge shoes, wedge booties and men wedge leather sandals. Wedge sneakers in double color are the stylish one.

Wedge Shoes For Men 2017

Wedge Shoes For Men

Double Monk-Strap Shoes

Monk Strap shoes are said to be the dressy shoes for men. These can be worn with jeans as well as with suits. Monk Strap shoes have always been the first choice of both the men and the women for years. The fashion of double monk strap shoes still exists in 2018. These are really the fashionable shoes and grant a detailed personality to the wearer. The two straps with buckles look really graceful. Suede and leather double monk strap shoes are in style in 2018. You can wear these shoes for all formal events with any kind of outfit. Black and brown double monk strap shoes have always been in style and these seem to be in style in 2018 also. Monk strap and double monk strap slip-on are also in fashion in 2018.

Double Monk-Strap Shoes

Double Monk-Strap Shoes

Metallic Shoes For Men 2018

The trendiest trend of men’s shoes in 2018 is the trend of metallic shoes. Metallic sandals and metallic boots for the men are in style in 2018. Trendy metallic shoes include the silver and golden shoes. The perfect combination that works for weddings is the combination of a heavy Kurta along with metallic shoes for a sparkling personality. A pair of metallic shoes will make you look attractive and shiny. Thus, the trend of metallic shoes for men seems to be the hottest trend of shoes for men 2018.

Metallic Shoes For Men 2018

Metallic Shoes

Brogue For Men 2018

Brogue shoes are considered the lovely shoes for men. These shoes have a large range of stylish designs and are available in stunning designs. These shoes have unique colors and are known for this quality. Although a number of styles of brogue shoes have been in style for years, the year 2018 has brought the brogue shoes in two colors in style among the men and these are the best to wear with stylish suits especially in summer season.

Go for the cool color combinations. The latest trends 2018 in brogue shoes include wingtip brogue shoes, tan leather brogue shoes, black leather brogue shoes, dark brown leather brogue shoes, suede brogue shoes, black and white leather brogue shoes, and brogue shoes in black and navy blue tone, leather black, and brown brogue shoes.

Brogue For Men 2018

Brogue For Men

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